In 1922, The Sykes and Thompson Company distributed Thurston’s Magic Box of Candy. Each of the 50 numbered boxes included a different magic trick, with instructions written by Walter Gibson. There were 20,000 produced of each numbered box, for a grand total of one million boxes. Each box contained two and a half ounces of chocolate taffy kisses wrapped in white paper, a Magic Coupon to redeem for a “more elaborate apparatus,” and a magic trick that was printed on a small 4 page instructional booklet.

Today, only one box is known to exist. It is in the Rory Feldman Collection.


Included in this reproduction of Thurston’s Magic Box of Candy are the two most important things:

Front of the reproduction candy box Back of the reproduction candy box


(1) The chocolate taffy kisses



(2) The magic trick!  Each box contains a copy of trick #49 – The Three Paper Balls


Front of the instructions The inside of the instructions Back of the instructions


Since the Magic Coupons are no longer redeemable, we have enclosed some special gifts that

were not included in the original box.  You will find:


(3) An original piece of a Thurston show costume (a $75.00 value!)



(4) An original Thurston throw out card (a $25.00 value!)



(5) An original Heaney catalog. Gerald Heaney was the magician that bought almost

the entire Thurston estate in the early 40s. (a $30 value!)



(6) The content card. A full explanation of what the candy box was in 1922 and what the

contents of this modern day reproduction is.


Front of the content card Back of the content card


(7) When Thurston Came To Town DVD postcard (BONUS!)



(8) A reproduction Thurston Complimentary ticket for a Thurston's Magic Box of Candy. (BONUS!)






The chocolate taffy kisses come from an original 1920s recipe and were wrapped using a Model K Cutting and Wrapping Machine that dates to the time of Howard Thurston.


(The candy for the reproduction candy box was made in 2012 not 1922)


(Selection of a specific number isn't available. The number will be between 1 and 300.)


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